Information Technology Consultation

Regardless what the reason was that created the need for a new technology solution, you’ve got the proposal on your desk and now it’s your decision to move forward or look for more alternatives.

Is it a new phone system?  Is it a new ERP system or new hardware to replace aging equipment or infrastructure?  You must make the final decision, but you’re no expert in any of these areas.  You need to trust the information that’s presented.

But what is the agenda driving the proposed solution?  Is this a vendor’s idea and not your people doing enough due diligence?  And then the big question – is this going to provide a business solution or just a technology change?

Where do you go to get an unbiased, yet qualified, technology answer?  In other words, before you sign the check, who do you trust?

Sometimes it’s too easy to look at your business and technology issues with blinders on that only let you see your company and your customers as they have been.  Consider bringing someone in with the longer view, perhaps a wider view, more experience in many businesses, even global solutions.  Throw ideas around and then possibly you’ll feel more confident that you may already be on the right path; the path that’s right for you and your company.  Why not be sure?

This is a service we offer at The Templar Group.  We don’t sell anything but experience and expertise.  We receive no benefit regardless of what your final decision is.  But we can help you review your options, measure them against the business issue you need solved, and make clear recommendations.

You probably will need more information to make a good decision.  We can help you determine what that information is so you are comfortable that you are going to get the right solution for your specific needs.  Not just bigger, better, faster hardware or software that a vendor thinks you need.  Go to your trusted advisor … your virtual CIO.  Give us a call – we are here to help you.


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