Effective information technology services are key to your organization’s success. IT represents a significant portion of your budget, yet technology is in constant flux. Business executives are not IT experts. Other responsibilities prevent the business executives from spending more time in this critical area. That’s why you need someone in that role, to lead and guide the organization’s technology services.

Many companies don’t really need a full-time CIO to fill the gap between executive management and Information Technology. But they probably need more experience and expertise than they currently have. When the business plan is being discussed and formulated, who is offering the supporting technology solutions that will help make the business plan goals happen? Who is making sure that the IT Objectives are aligned with the Company Objectives?

Unfortunately, IT departments are often left to develop their own plans for the coming year, sometimes because business leaders don’t truly “understand” what the company’s technology needs are. Too often the IT department just isn’t seen as being strategic to the business. However, in today’s business environment, information technology is one of the most important enablers of an effective business strategy. Achieving almost every business objective requires well-functioning and reliable information technology services, systems and applications.

The organization must ensure the IT department’s goals are aligned with the company’s goals. That’s what a CIO would do. And using a virtual CIO from The Templar Group can help you achieve the same result. Just like the business plan, the IT department should have written, well-defined goals and objectives. The company’s strategic objectives must be defined first, and the the IT department should base its own goals and operating plan on the company’s goals.

A virtual CIO from The Templar Group can help you choose which senior level technology competencies your company needs now — and then can help you with the overall IT direction, governance and planning to support strategic business initiatives.

At The Templar Group, we propose technology that fits your business. Not the other way around. We only recommend technology solutions that focus on supporting your business and improving your bottom line. Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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