Our first meeting is likely with the owner/CEO of the business.  If it makes sense, you could include one or two other key, senior executives.  Our primary responsibility at this meeting is to listen to your executive management team.

Your business’s bottom line is our top priority throughout the engagement.  We need to gain a deep understanding of your unique business model, your challenges and your competitive landscape. Technology can be that competitive advantage that you have wanted but been unable to make happen on your own.

Asking questions during this meeting gives us the information to determine how you presently use technology to address these business issues.  We also want to learn what your vision is for the company’s future because technology planning strategy needs to be done with long range planning in mind.

If you already have plans, and possibly a roadmap, we’ll determine how we can help you achieve that vision and assess where you are today. Are you using the technology solutions available to make this goal a reality?

By the end of the first meeting we all should be able to decide together if we agree that using our vCIO concept is a good fit for your business.  Can we be a good partner for you? Are we all comfortable that we will be able to work together?  Do we agree that the service offers you and your company a benefit that will result in meeting your vision for the future?  You need to be confident that we can deliver what you need within the timeframe that you need it.

Let’s assume we move forward and decide to work together.   Based on what we learn at this first meeting, in the future we will be able to provide the guidance on how you can use technology to streamline your business and use it as a competitive advantage in the everchanging marketplace.

We will also be assessing your technology requirements to help you design processes and an infrastructure to support those requirements.  As a trusted advisor, we will also advise you and your IT department on how to protect and preserve the IT investment you already have.


We can provide a wide range of Consulting Services to meet your needs