Having the right communication technology at your fingertips is crucial, especially if you’re considering international growth. As distances increase and communications become more difficult, access to high quality software and services can be the difference between success and failure.

If you don’t have local branch offices established with onsite resources, you could store files and data “in the cloud” so that users have access to the same documents regardless of where they’re located, anywhere in the world.  Sounds easy, but if you can’t get reliable Internet service at your new facility, is it really an option?  In some areas it’s available, but the cost is so high it’s still not feasible. And Internet speed can be an extremely limiting resource.

Communication technology is also crucial to international success, both from a production and a marketing perspective. Being able to keep your finger on the pulse of activity in your different locations around the world is essential to running a streamlined company and staying in touch with key members of your team.  What are the right communication technology solutions to make sure it all works?

Using technology which allows you to communicate with your customers is crucial to growing an international audience. Should you consider using social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook? How do you build a demand for your product before you even set foot in their country?

Are there localization issues you need to be aware of?  Are the data security regulations the same as you are used to at home?  Can you even use the same security hardware and software platforms in another country?

Be sure to invest the time and effort into building a strong communication technology infrastructure that will support any activity necessary to grow your business wherever you are.  And above all, be sure your plans are compatible with the laws of the country you will be operating in.  If we don’t have all the answers you need, we can help you get them.


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