Our responsibility is to provide business integration and strategic direction in information technology for your entire company.  Our vCIO will develop an understanding of both your business goals and the technology requirements for achieving them with a thorough business process review.

Possible solutions will be examined to determine if they would improve company productivity and contribute to your bottom line.  The final decision on which alternative to move forward on is yours.  You may even choose to not make any changes now.  It’s still good to know what your options are.

There are no “standard” services that apply to everyone.  Each company has its own unique needs.  You decide what’s best for your company.  Some of the services we can provide are:

Developing a Strategic IT Plan – The IT Strategy and plans need to be in concert with the goals of the business.  There is no reason that these two plans can’t be in sync.  They must be if both are to be successful.  Let our experience in IT business integration assist you in establishing plans that dovetail and produce an integrated solution.  Then we can review the progress at least on a quarterly basis to determine if the plan is on track and producing the expected results.  We’ll determine what’s changed since the last review and if adjustments might be needed to stay on track.  Are there outstanding issues or organizational challenges?  Is there new technology or any new requirements that would impact the plan?

Problem Identification – Do you have specific problems already identified that are in search of a solution?  Have you either not found a suitable solution or the ones you’ve found have been out of your price range or your employee’s expertise to implement?  Do the solutions you may have found cause you to feel you need to sacrifice other business goals to solve this problem?  Let us help sort it all out.

Business Process Review – Do you need an outside assessment of your organizational or business strategy, even before considering technology solutions to support it?  Have you had a Business Process Review to verify that your processes and procedures will achieve the desired results, and are they being followed?  Why not have an independent, unbiased partner review them?

Business Continuity – Have you considered a Disaster Recovery plan for IT or a Business Continuity plan for the whole business?  What about Offsite Data Storage or a co-location strategy?  We can either help design and implement these, or if needed, bring in other experts that work in these fields all the time.  Whether they are acted upon now or in the future, they should be considered so you can make decisions on how important they are to you and if you can allocate resources to them now.  Have you given any thought to how long your business can survive in the event of a disaster?  It takes more than some file backups to recover your full business capabilities after an interruption.

Due Diligence Technology Review – What are the right questions to ask?  What do you need to consider from a technology standpoint before moving ahead with a merger or acquisition?  Is it feasible to try and consolidate IT resources?  How do you manage multiple IT departments to maintain a common infrastructure?  Are the two infrastructures compatible or will it require a major overhaul at one or both locations?

This is a brief listing of some of the services we can provide.  Any of our services can be  tailored to your specific needs.  Call us today to meet with one of our senior consultants (414-418-6478) or email us at info@thetemplargroup.net to discuss your unique business needs.


We can provide a wide range of Consulting Services to meet your needs