Complimentary First Meeting

Our first meeting is likely with the owner/CEO of the business. If it makes sense, you could include one or two other key, senior executives. Our primary responsibility at this meeting is to listen to your executive management team.

Confidential Second Opinion

Regardless what the reason was that created the need for a new technology solution, you’ve got the proposal on your desk and now it’s your decision to move forward or look for more alternatives.

Going Global

Having the right technology at your fingertips is crucial, especially if you’re considering international growth. As distances increase and communications become more difficult, access to high quality software and services can be the difference between success and failure.

Effective Information Technology

Effective Information Technology is key to your organization’s success. IT represents a significant portion of your budget, yet technology is in constant flux.

Additional Services

Our responsibility is to provide a strategic direction in information technology for your entire company. Our vCIO will develop an understanding of both your business goals and the technology requirements for achieving them.
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We can provide a wide range of Consulting Services to meet your needs

Our responsibility is to provide a business integration and strategic direction in information technology for your entire company to help improve your bottom line by using a virtual CIO. We offer consultations, second opinions, business integration, work with mergers, companies looking to go global, and more!