We have had great success working with vCIO  clients that have a common set of characteristics. When a new prospect asks us how we can help them, we like to share those characteristics with them. You are probably a good candidate for a successful relationship with us if:

  • You are a small or medium sized company, very likely privately held — typically with less than 100 employees


  • You embrace technology as an effective means of improving operating effectiveness and increasing your bottom line


  • You have already made a significant investment in information technology but you want to get a better return from those investments


  • You lack the internal resources to adequately capture the full potential of your investment and ways to enhance it in the future


  • You are unable to keep up with the complexity and rapid change of information technology

Remember, this is a generalized description of our “Typical” customer. Whether you match this profile perfectly or not isn’t the only criteria. If you want to at least look at the possibilities a vCIO could bring to the table for your company, please contact us and let’s begin the conversation.

If you’re still not quite sure that you need the help of an organization like The Templar Group, please set up a no obligation call or meeting to learn about more ways that we can help. Why not look up the description under The First Meeting and see if that might help you decide?

Let us structure a project for you that gives you the answers you need. It could be as simple as an initial discovery document that gives you options that you can implement yourself. We are here to help you make better technology decisions for your business and show you how your Technology Plan can support your Business Plan.

Please call us at 414-418-6478 or email us at info@thetemplargroup.net to discuss your unique business needs.


We can provide a wide range of Consulting Services to meet your needs