A vCIO is a “virtual” Chief Information Officer.   They are an experienced, top-level information technology professional, available on an as-needed basis, that can provide the same IT leadership and direction as a full-time CIO for the companies that don’t already have one.

Over the past decade or so, technology has increased enormously in both its complexity and its importance.  Technology is now central to the way companies do business and is not and investment that can be overlooked.

Too often, IT investments are made, but the returns are lower than they should be simply because the company lacks the IT leadership required to fully leverage their technology to improve the business and the bottom line.

To deal with these challenges, larger companies have created the position of Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer to help the company get the most out of the firm’s investment in technology.

Small and mid-sized companies are no less dependent on technology and they have the same requirement for effective technology management.  They need someone with the same experience and skill level, but they can’t afford the high price of a full-time CIO.

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No matter the size of your organization, technology applied in support of your business strategy will lower the overall cost of operations.

Most CEOs know that this requires a clear vision of aligning technology to the business plan.  But without a high level technology manager in the organization, how do you accomplish that?  Bring in a Virtual CIO (vCIO) – all the experience without all the cost.

Your vCIO partner will bridge the gap between your business plan and your technology plan.  We can show you how the right technology solutions can add to your bottom line and help make you more competitive in your markets.

With years of experience in both manufacturing and distribution, we have seen many systems and solutions.  By starting with understanding your company and the goals for your future, we can complement your business plan by proposing the right technology solutions to help you be more successful.  Let us show you that there is a piece that fits between the business needs and the right technology solutions.  We can be that piece for your organization.


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