Typically, in larger companies, the CEO and Chief Information Officer (CIO) work together to create a coordinated, strategic vision for the company, including leveraging technology for increased efficiency.  When you don’t have the luxury of a CIO on your team, what are your options for developing a strong information technology strategy?  You could bring in a Virtual CIO (vCIO) – with all the experience, but without all the cost.

You don’t have to limit your company’s long term information technology strategy because you can’t afford a full-time CIO.  And you don’t have to pay your financial consulting firm’s high fees to get knowledgeable technology direction.  You can get someone that will concentrate solely on your company’s technology needs.

Your company needs the IT Executive at the table in your C-level business planning meetings.  You need someone who understands the big picture, but also someone that is able to complement your business objectives with solid technology solutions.  Someone that can guide and complement your in-house IT team.

If you don’t have an IT Executive on staff, you can use a Virtual CIO.  More small to medium sized companies are leveraging the knowledge and experience of Virtual IT Executives to be part of their Senior Management Team to participate in your Business Planning.  You need someone capable of offering an evolving technology roadmap to help you guide your business.  And not just for this current period, but for several years of planning.

You don’t want to settle for basic hardware and infrastructure decisions when you need long term, integrated solutions and an information technology strategy.  Too often this job is passed down to people without the knowledge or skills to be an active participant in the business planning meetings.  Sometimes this can result in poor technology architecture choices, increased infrastructure support costs, lowered efficiency, and more.

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