Managed IT Services

What are Managed IT Services (MIS) and can they save my company money? What are some of the benefits of MIS?

There are several reasons why you might want to use Managed IT Services. Some of them involve people and some involve the equipment. But the bottom line is, if you look at all the costs, will MIS save your company money?

The CFO might like MIS for a couple of reasons. One is that you can move some IT costs to the outside, as a service. An MIS company will offer you a fixed monthly or annual fee to manage your IT Infrastructure. This is a big benefit for your budget and planning. MIS also allows better allocation of the “people” resources you already have.

Too often, small IT shops don’t have the time or the resources to manage the infrastructure properly because they are being buried in day to day support for the users. There may not be time for checking backups every day to be sure they processed properly. No one has time to check the server system logs every day to see if there are flags or warnings on servers. Is the network monitoring being checked every day to look for intrusions or malware attacks? Who owns these tasks? The tools you already have are only as good as your ability to use them properly.

A big advantage of MIS for the IT department is that your employees can spend more of their time productively and less time doing maintenance tasks that don’t contribute to your bottom line. You can offer the support your users need without sacrificing the monitoring and safety of the network and infrastructure. It can be a win-win. In many cases, you can start using the employees in the areas you hired them for, based on their experience and skills rather than committing a portion of their time to maintenance tasks.

The Templar Group can help you evaluate if this is an option that might be right for your company. We can work with your IT department and determine the best mix of inside and outside skill sets.