Cloud Storage

Is there an advantage to storing things in the cloud instead of on premise? Is the cloud safe for my sensitive data?

One of the best reasons to store your data in the cloud is to protect it in the event of a disaster. There are plenty of examples of what data centers have looked like after a hurricane, earthquake or flood.

According to Tony Surma, CTO of Microsoft Disaster Response, “The awareness that information is a basic need in disaster response — right along with food, water, and shelter — is driving use of the cloud.” In the event of a disaster, you need to recover your data quickly to keep your business alive. With it stored in the cloud, it doesn’t matter where you decide to start up your recovery.

You should be able to recover your data quickly, assuming you continually perform full backups of your critical data. And your backups should be tested periodically to assure you they are accurate and complete.

During some of the recent disasters like Sandy or Katrina, even if your back-up site was 50 miles away, it might not have been out of the reach of the devastation. With your data in the cloud, you could move it anywhere you needed to, once you found a safe, new site to operate from.

There are plenty of reputable cloud providers and cloud services support companies to choose from. It’s never too early to start finding solid partners that will be there when you need them. The Templar Group can help you find the right fit for your business continuity needs.

Another reason to consider using cloud services is to free up your IT team from spending so much time on the mundane, day-to-day activities and to be able to spend more time focusing on strategy and growth opportunities.

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