The Templar Group can show you how to align your IT Strategy with your Business Objectives to help improve your bottom line by using a virtual CIO. (vCIO)  Check out the benefits of gaining a competitive advantage with the technology you need and also staying within your budget.

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What is a vCIO?

When you don’t have a CIO on staff and you can’t afford to hire one, you should consider using a Virtual CIO (vCIO).  You can decide how much help you need and can afford on a project by project basis.


Who we are

Who is behind The Templar Group and how did it get started? What experience and background can The Templar Group bring to my company’s technology needs?


Who should work with us?

Is your company an organization that could benefit from working with us? Quite possibly you are. But how can you be sure?  Many feel that their company’s needs are unique.  Can The Templar Group really help our company?  Check out our typical customer’s characteristics.


Why not use our own IT person?

If your company feels you don’t need a senior level IT person because your IT Manager is doing fine on his or her own, you might be underestimating the value of experience.


Confidential Second Opinion

Regardless what the reason was that created your need for a new technology solution, as the executive, you’ve got the proposal on your desk and now it’s your decision to move forward or look for more alternatives.  Who can you trust enough to give you the answers you need without pushing their own solution or agenda?  Let The Templar Group be your trusted partner.

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